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A detailed review of the bruised knuckles and its treatments


Actually, the bruised knuckles occur when there is a break in the long bones of the palm and doctors call it metacarpals. In which usually there are five metacarpals are present in the palm area of the human and a break in the neck position or the topmost part of the bone is found to be a common one. When the knuckle gets broken it can also affect the metacarpal base and the head of the proximal phalanx and some of the common causes of the broken knuckle include sustaining a blow to the hand, punching, and falling directly onto the hand. The bruised knuckles are the strong bones in your hand that give your finger the ability to move your hands but they are also capable of being bruised or broken. The bruised knuckles are normally caused by the rounded trauma to your hand or finger.

bruised knuckles

A sports injury, fistfight, or hard fall can also cause a bruised knuckles injury in your body. This trauma causes your knuckle to bleed and swell under the skin through the bones that have not broken.  In the milder cases, the bruised knuckles take some days for getting heal, if it is severe then it could also take some weeks to get ready. If you left the bruised knuckles problem untreated hen it could limit the movement of your hands and increases the risk of developing a more serious injury on your hands.

What are the symptoms of the bruised knuckles?

The first symptom of the bruised knuckle is severe pain following the injury caused where you may also experience the pain on the knucklebones and the pain will be also there around the surrounding sides of the affected finger. The severity of the pain mainly depends on the severity of the injury so it is always advised to take necessary primitive bruised knuckles aesthetic treatment for getting rid of the injury in the starting stage itself. The following are other symptoms of the broken knuckles where they include.

  • Mobility issues
  • Difficulty in making a fist
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Popping sounds
  • Discoloration from bruising

In which the bruised knuckles pain and its symptoms are typically localized to the affected finger and joint. However, in more severe cases the swelling and pain can spread to your other fingers where you may also experience the severe symptoms of weakness, hand numbness, and inability to perform the daily tasks. In case if the symptoms getting worsen or don’t improve after a few days then you need to seek immediate medical attention to curing this problem. This is because these could be the indication of serious medical issues or broken bone problem.

Is my knuckle fractured or bruised?

If you are getting the severe pain in your bruised knuckles and if you have a doubt that is your knuckle is fractured or bruised then it can be sorted out very easily through its severity and its symptoms. The bruised knuckles are often the result of trauma or there will be a direct blow to your finger joint or hand. In which you can also bump your knuckle after a rotating your finger or bad fall where the most vulnerable bruised knuckles can be experienced when you get the bruised or broken bone below your little finger. You may like to bump your knuckle when you are concerned about the below things.

  • Participate in sports like martial arts, boxing, or football.
  • If you are involved in the fight
  • Have a job that requires extensive physical activity

If you are experiencing the above symptoms of the bruised knuckles then it is advised to take the proper treatment at the initial stage else if it just a fracture then it is best to do the fracture treatment where the fracturing issue will be cured in the few months. The bruised knuckles may also be the indications of a more serious issue in your body in which some of the medical conditions that are linked to knuckle and joint pain include diabetes, infection, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, and bone cancer.

bruised knuckles

How to treat the broken or bruised knuckles

The treatment for the bruised knuckles mainly depends on the severity of your knuckle bruise and its underlying injury. Before your doctor recommends to the treatment they make ask you to take an x-ray to rule out broken bones, fluid build-up, or fractures. If you have a minor bruised knuckles problem then your doctor recommends you to take complete rest and over the counter medication just to reduce the swelling and pain. In which they may also advise you to apply the cold compress for about 15 to 20 minutes to reduce the swelling moreover when you are elevating your hand then it can help you to reduce the swelling as well.

In most of the serious cases bruised knuckles aesthetic you may also want to wear the splint and limit your physical activity until your bruised knuckles get healed. Depending on the extent of your injury the physiotherapy may be also required to improve your mobility and it helps in relieving your pain. Even if you have a fracture or broken knuckle then the doctor may recommend the surgery according to the condition and severity of the bruised knuckles.

When you need to consult the doctor

The bruised knuckles may happen at any time, if your issues don’t get solved or becoming worsens then it could be the indication of a more serious issue. If you have problems like swelling increases, if you lose mobility in your fingers, your hands go numb and the color of your fingers or hands gets changed then you need to seek the proper and right medical attention for curing the problem in the initial stage itself.  When you are having proper care and treatment for bruised knuckles then your hands or fingers will be getting cured of the bruised knuckle issue and you can move your hands and fingers as like before.

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