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Want to know about the causes, signs, and treatments for the popped blood vessel in hand


Bleeding into the skin usually appears as small dots namely petechiae. This skin problem also appears in large and flat patches known as purpura. Some people misunderstand birthmarks for bleeding into the skin. If you press the skin, then it becomes pale and the color or redness returns when you let go. The skin would not become pale while pressing down on it when there is bleeding into the skin.

popped blood vessel in hand

Many people often suffer from minor bleeding into the skin following an injury and they seek the best treatment. They can treat this ill-health condition at home before it becomes severe, chronic, or spontaneous. They need medical attention to prevent any serious complications associated with the popped blood vessel in hand. You have to spend enough time and take note of different aspects of bleeding into the skin right now. For example, you must be aware of the causes, signs, and treatments for the bleeding into the skin. The blood inside may leak into nearby tissues as well as spaces when the blood vessel ruptures and this condition is called the hemorrhaging.

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The blood can escape into the surrounding skin and cause skin discoloration which is a mixed shade of blue, red, black, or purple. The overall appearance and size of the skin discoloration depend on several factors like the type and number of blood vessels which rupture. Petechial lesions are caused by breaking some blood vessels or capillaries. These red dots in less than 2mm width appear on the skin’s surface. Purpura is caused by several capillaries rupture in the same place. Anyone with this condition usually has the maximum patches of reddish-purple discoloration between 2mm and 1cm in width. Blood can pool under the skin’s surface to form an ecchymosis. This black or bluish-purple bruise varies in size.  You can contact and consult with your medical professional soon after you have decided to improve your health and heal the popped blood vessel in hand problems with no negative side effects.

Bleeding beneath the skin usually results from the bruising. The bleeding appears as a small dot the size of the pinprick or any large patch on the hand of the adult. This health problem is a sign of a serious medical condition. You can consider and double-check the popped blood vessel in finger in detail soon after you have decided to find and ensure about how to heal this ill-health condition.

Common causes of bleeding into the skin

You may seek the usual causes of the bleeding into the skin at this time. Some of these causes are allergic reaction, injury, birth, bruises, infections of the blood, autoimmune disorders, medication side effects, radiation side effects, and the normal process of aging. Some infections and diseases cause bleeding under the skin like meningitis, leukemia, strep throat, and sepsis. You require the immediate medical care when you experience the pain in the bleeding area, darkening of the affected skin, significant bleeding from the open wound, a lump over the bleeding into the skin, bleeding gums, steel, urine, or nose, swelling in the extremities and other severe health problems.

Many men and women experience bleeding under the skin and bruising due to playing contact sports, exercising, bumping into objects, falling or slipping, having an allergic reaction, giving birth or being born, wearing ill-fitting glasses, shoes or clothing, using some medical devices like casts, crutches or braces, and aging. Bleeding into the skin occurs because of radiation therapy, most surgeries, chemotherapy, being bedridden or in hospital, and other problems. Some health conditions maximize the overall risks of the bleeding as well as bruising are leukemia, hemophilia, systemic lupus erythematosus, kidney or liver disease, aplastic anemia, hemolytic uremic syndrome, vasculitis, vitamin C, K, B12 and folic acid deficiency, meningitis, vasculitis, scarlet fever, blood infections, strep throat, enterovirus, Marfan syndrome, infective endocarditis, von Willebrand’s disease, and Ehlers Danlos syndrome.  If you suffer from a popped blood vessel in hand and its related health problems, then you can immediately contact a qualified doctor and get the best suitable treatment.

popped blood vessel in hand

What happens if you popped blood vessel in hand?

Anyone with a requirement for the cheap and best treatment to heal bleeding and bruising can consult with a qualified doctor and get rid of health problems on the whole. You will get immediate medical support and make a well-informed decision to restore health devoid of any negative side effects. Some factors increase the overall risks of bleeding into the skin. For example, being over 65 years old, working in a job which involves physical labor like the building, landscaping, and construction, playing contact sports, and consuming excessive alcohol. The treatment for the popped blood vessel in hand is affordable and safe as expected by everyone. You can spend enough time and research different aspects of the overall treatments for this ill-health condition.

Qualified and dedicated doctors carry out the appropriate physical exam for those who suffer from a popped blood vessel in finger and other parts of the body. They review the medical history of the patient and ask questions like all symptoms, potential causes of the bruises or lesions, family medical history, previous surgery and injuries, medication use, and use of natural medications or herbal supplements. They require some tests like the total blood count test, platelet count test, urine test, and ultrasound to diagnose causes of the popped blood vessel problem.

There are loads of home treatments for the popped blood vessel in hand and other health problems. However, some of these treatments are acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain relief, ice the injured place for 10 minutes at a time, and elevation of the injured limb if possible.  Individuals who do not get the best relief from home remedies for this ill-health condition can make an appointment with an experienced doctor and get the first-class treatment without delay. They get remarkable benefits and make positive changes in their approach to improve health as planned.

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