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Hand Cramps

How to know if you have tendons in hand?


Our hand movements are possible only because of the comprised structure of bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. If your hands do normal function, then there should be correct alignment and synchronization between these structures. Tendons are the band of tissues that help in attaching the muscles to the bones, if this tissue got damaged the motion of the hand might get affected.

tendons in hand and wrist

Tendons in the hand might cause severe pain with the movement of the hand, tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the hand. It is usually hard, thin, and white in color, if inflamed it becomes swollen and rigid. There are two types of tendons extensor tendons and flexor tendons, the extensor tendons occurs in the back of the hand of your fingers and the thumb which allows you to straighten your finger and thumb. The flexor tendons run from your forearm with the wrist along the palm which allows you to bend your fingers.

Causes of Tendons:

  • Minor or major injuries in the hand can cause tendons in hand.
  • If the injury is deep or penetrated, it can completely tear the tendon, followed by inflammation and tendonitis.
  • Hand injury is caused by various factors such as accident, an outstretched arm, or any direct impact to the hand during work. It is also associated with skin lacerations, discoloration of the hand. It also results in a hand infection.
  • Repeated action can also cause a tendon injury.
  • Sportspeople like baseball, basketball players handle the ball by using the muscle and the tendon to throw the ball, in the long term it can result in the tendon injury.
  • Manual workers use heavy objects sometimes the vibrating tools which can often cause inflammation.
  • Lifting heavy objects can stretch of the tendon, stretching also causes inflammation of the tendons in the hand.

Infections caused by Tendonitis:

Penetrating wounds can cause infection to the soft tissue that includes tendon. It also responds to the anti-inflammatory medications and has to be treated with antibiotics. Soft tissue infection of the skin often spread into the deeper tissues in the hand which results in the tendonitis of the palm and the fingers.

How long does it take for a tendons in hand to heal?

It will be very hard to perform the task with our hands when injured or due to medical conditions, they might get severely damaged due to the repetitive strain of the physical activity. It is a medical condition that is caused by the inflammation of the sheath. The extensor tendons in hand may damage overdo injuries, puncture wounds, and arthritis. The extreme injure can be seen with the help of an X-ray test in the hand. A home remedy such as using the ice packs is recommended during the initial stage of the tendonitis. You can also use pain killers prescribed by the doctors for pain relief.

In the rare case, if the tendons in hand and wrist injury were deep and severe then you need to consult with your doctor. Once affected by tendonitis the patient is advised to go to the doctor for physical therapy to strengthen their muscles. The tendons in hand located in the hands are tough, these can cause damage due to the overuse and stress injuries. It might take some time to heal but till that time the motion of your hand is restricted to make sure that you can heal soon.

The recovery time is long because the blood supply will be low to the affected area and which makes the healing process so hard. It might take 3 to 6 months to heal, physical therapy will also help in faster recovery. Nearly 80% of the people had recovered in 3 to 6 months depending on the condition. If it is left untreated it can rupture the tendons in hand so treatment in the earlier stage is preferable. Rest and physical therapy is the most important factor for faster recovery. Since it will take a long time to heel doctors often recommend the following treatment.

Resting: Repetitive movements should be avoided, such as typing or doing any activities with the affected hand.

tendons in hand and wrist

Stretching: Do some basic exercise which will help in promoting the blood circulation. Massaging can also be done to promote blood circulation. Regular exercise can also help in reducing the daily strain on the injured tendon. You can also use braces or tape to protect the affected tendon from further injury.

Tendons in hand and wrist:

The main symptoms of tendons in hand and wrist are swelling around the joint, warmth, and redness of the tendons, tendons can become irritated and can cause symptoms of pain. The problems in the wrist might vary. In most of the cases, X-rays can be very much helpful to evaluate the causes of wrist pain, other tests such as ultrasound, MRI will be helpful to show the tendonitis more directly. After the diagnosis the treatment plan should be developed, the first step is to keep the wrist immobile which will help in reducing the irritation and inflammation. Wrist tendonitis is a common condition that can be experienced by everyone at some point of the time, it is our duty to prevent it at the earliest stage before it becomes severe and disabling.

The tendons in hand are carried out when one or more tendons in hand in the hand rupture which leads to the loss of normal hand movements. If the flexor tendons in hand are injured, then you will be able to twist one or more fingers which can cause pain and inflammation. Tendon repair may also involve surgery in extreme cases. The recovery period is long after the surgery which purely depends on the location of the injury, which can take up to 3 months to regain their strength. The outcome is often better when the injury is a clean cut to the tendon, but it is difficult when it involves crushing or damage of the bones and the joints. Only in the complicated cases, you have to go for a surgery, because it will cause infection, snapping, or sticking to the nearby tissue.

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