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Facial Steps

Follow the basic facial steps to have a bright skin


Most of the women prefer to do facials every week to have a great look. The multistep facial treatment cleans up your skin, excites skin cells, gives you a younger-looking skin tone, and makes you feel better. The fact that it eases stress and makes the skin shine like a star is just surprising. Isn’t it?

The feeling of getting satisfied at a salon and reaching back home with delicate, glowing skin is unbeatable. As we enjoy the two solid hours of getting the superb treatment and bid our dull skin goodbye at a spa, we don’t regularly get time to get a facial because of hectic plans and endless hassling around. Now while you may not be capable to enjoy the pleasant spa and facial time very frequently, your skin does want the pampering to maintain its glow and health. The good thing however is, you can completely do facial at home and get the accurate same effects. All you want to do is proceed step-by-step and do it correctly.

What are the facial steps?

facial steps

Face cleansing before facial:

You must cleanse your face before doing a homemade facial for removing any makeup left on your face. You can utilize natural ingredients to cleanse your faces like honey, milk, or coconut oil or any makeup cleaner which is fit for your skin. If you are going with the natural cleanser then honey is the best choice as it contains good cleansing qualities. For that, you want 1 tsp. of honey and use it on your face. Do light massage on your face in a clockwise motion. Allow it for 5 min on your face and clean your face with cotton pads.

Exfoliate your face:

Exfoliation is the main step for facial. In this facial steps, you eliminate dead skin cells from the skin. You simply need a good quality of scrub that is fit for your skin. Use it on your face and with a mild pressure do rubbing. Don’t rub hard onto your skin while rubbing as it may harm the protective layer of your skin. You can additionally use an original scrub if you like to.

Steaming of face:

This is a very crucial step in all facial steps. It eliminates dust, dirt, and oil from your face. In this method, you have to show your face to the hot steam. Presently, if you use any product on your face, it enters deep inside of your skin and provides you with positive results.

Apply a homemade facial mask on your face

In this facial steps, you have to apply a homemade facial mask on your face as per your skin type. If you have oily skin, you can apply a clay or mud mask whereas for dry skin, apply a creamy face mask.  Additionally, you can pick some natural facial masks like a papaya and egg white face mask.

Moisturize your face:

Apply a good quality of moisturizer that is fit for your skin. If you have dry skin, you can utilize an oil-based homemade facial moisturizer like jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, or Shea butter. For oily skin, you can apply water-based moisturizers. Aloe Vera gel has calming and moisturizing qualities so you can apply aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer.

Do your facial at home without the help of experts:

People do facials for various reasons: While some individuals want to eliminate those awful blackheads, others need some help with an anti-again regimen, and, then there are the individuals who really want to relax and be pleased.

A facial is actually a multi-step skin therapy that is one of the safest ways to take care of your skin. The best facial will cleans, exfoliates, and supports the skin, encouraging a clear, well-hydrated glow and can benefit your skin look younger. You additionally receive advice on the best means to take care of your skin.

Nowadays, people wish to do their facial at home. How to do facial at home by yourself? Below are some facial steps to follow.

The basic facial steps to follow for doing facial:

facial steps

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleaning your face is an important thing for your skincare routine. You can apply raw honey to clean your skin. Honey has great antibacterial and hydrating qualities that will make your skin feeling smooth, clean, and flexible. Simply moisten your face, apply the honey over it, massage for around a minute or two, and wash it off. This fits all skin types.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliating is another notably important facial steps when it comes to soothing your skin. Exfoliating your skin helps eliminate all the dead skin cells that point to clog your pores. It supports instantly brightens your face by exposing the younger and more active layers of your skin. You can additionally make your own exfoliators using original ingredients that are previously in your pantry.

Step 3: Steam

Beginning with steam is the most reliable way to kick off your home facial. The steam assists to relax your skin and clear up your pores. This enables your skin to deliver toxins and cover up all the goodness that the facial has to give.

Step 4: Apply your face mask

Once the steaming process has completed, your skin is set to take on some nourishment. Using face masks provides your skin with the boost it requires to stay healthy and look bright. The regular contact your skin has with damaging agents such as the sunlight,  pollution, and chemicals, can push it down and make it age early. Face masks better supports to counter these agents and maintain your skin well-nourished and young. The most beneficial thing about face masks is that they’re customizable to heal various skin problems.

Step 5: Tone

Now that your face has absorbed up all the goodness that the face mask had to give, it is time to close your pores to prevent any dirt or dust from residing in your skin. This is where a toner arises. Toners support to eliminate any residual dirt while closing your pores.

Step 6: Moisturize

This is the last facial steps to make your skin glow. Your nourished skin will require hydration for lasting brightness. A moisturizer will further hydrate your skin and secure moisture so that your skin is less apt to damage.

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