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Non Comedogenic Makeup

A detailed review about the powder Vs liquid foundation


When it comes to making an even base for your makeup appearance, there is no contradicting that foundation is an absolute choice. It is no wondered that beauty essential is a hot product in the world of makeup. With the powder Vs liquid foundation, you can decide which right formula can store your beauty collection with.

What is powder foundation?

For those who prefer lightweight makeup, the powder foundation is simply a coating. This kind of formula is fully on offering a natural look to your skin with a smooth touch. With the existence of the weightless feel of today’s powders, you will be able to give your skin with buildable as well as breathable coverage, which would go a distance. With the powder foundation, you do not have to worry about wearing a cakey appearance.

powder vs.liquid foundation

What is liquid foundation?

Whether you are new to a veteran or a makeup group, possibly, you know all about the liquid foundation. The liquid foundation is also called as a tried and true makeup essential. It is an amazing choice for those who love the seamless combination, which covers imperfections. Actually, you cannot go wrong with this beauty essential. Also, you can select the liquid formulas, which have anywhere from light to complete coverage based on your desired appearance. However, the finish is up to you, whether you want a matte beauty appearance or a glowing visage.

Which is better powder vs.liquid foundation?

When it comes to powder Vs liquid foundation, there is not one actual winner; because it is all on your own preference. If you would like to prevent heavy makeup at all costs, the powder foundations are a no-brainer. Normally, this kind of formula offers the skin with utter coverage for a natural and a light appearance, which is always on-trend. Since it is super simple to apply with the makeup sponger or makeup brush. Basically, selecting the perfect foundation for your skin type can be quite a complex thing. There are several levels of finishes, coverage, and delivery methods of powder Vs liquid foundation for aging skin. The two common most famous foundation types are including liquid and powder.

Powder foundation

The powder foundations will come in dual finishes such as matte or illuminating. These are good for achieving the perfect result on a go. As same as liquids, choosing the finish that greatly suits your targeted appearance. The powder foundations are highly working for a vast array of people and they are not suggested for those with dry skin; because they incline to relax and grip to peeling patches. They also suggest foundation powder for your entire foundation needs and requirements as well. Hence, it is a matte formula that comes in simple to use compact.

The dry sponge is a conventional procedure used to apply a powder foundation and also works like a magic. The powder foundations always incline to remain lengthier than the liquid formulas. If you wish to create a powder even more long-lasting, you can utilize a primer. The key to applying primer with powder foundation, you can make sure that the primer is completely absorbed into the skin. If you need your skin to appear more natural, spritz a powder or polishing brush with the skin haze and bend it over your foundation to provide a relaxed appearance to the skin.

Liquid foundation

The liquid foundation really works for each skin type. These formulas are ranged from light to heavy coverage and also come in every finish possible. If you wish to enhance your skin tone, you can simply choose the light coverage foundation, and also the full coverage formulas will cover the imperfections and also make a tidy tab for a more glam makeup appearance. For a glow appearance, they also suggest opting for the moister version that would offer a small glow to your skin tone. This formula is actually a buildable yet lightweight that delivers a glow and flawless finish. There are plenty of ways available to apply the liquid foundation such as a brush, a sponge, and also your hands. When you are using hands, simply rub a cream between your palms to blend it, press into the skin for a second skin as well as natural look. Also, the moist sponge will offer a soft and natural finish. Normally, the brushes give more exposure and ensure the merger.

powder vs.liquid foundation

Advantages of powder foundation

The powder foundation is a dry formula that originally made up of minerals and pigments. This foundation also comes as either a loose or pressed powder. Whatever the choice you select, it is fully up to you. In either way, you can apply it to the face by using a massive powder brush. With a correct formula and a little bit of work, this foundation style can give complete coverage, but it is particularly food for anyone who looks for light to medium coverage.

Advantages of liquid foundation

The liquid foundation is really made to mix seamlessly into your skin. The base of the liquid foundation is water in silicone blend that permits for the slick application and also supports giving streak-free finish. Even most of the liquid foundation formulas now come with extra skincare ingredients such as SPF or built-in moisturizer, which support to keep your skin shielded and hydrated from the elements. Therefore, the powder Vs liquid foundation is also appropriate for any skin type with a few warnings.


As with any beauty products, there are no restrictions on deciding the factors for whether you must use powder Vs liquid foundation for your needs. It is fully on identifying the formula, which works well with your skin type and also comes with a finish you would like. If you have normal skin, you have the best use of powder Vs liquid foundation for aging skin and can either pick one based on, if you want to minimize shine or cover up the lines.

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