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Hand Cramps

Why can’t bend finger all the way down?


Like any joint pain, the stiffness is frequently worse in the morning or after the inactivity period. The trigger finger normally occurs, because of the inflammation of tendons, which flex your fingers and also cause pain and tenderness. This condition also controls the movement of your fingers and can make it complex to bend and straighten your finger. Basically, the trigger finger is an ailment in which one of the fingers gets fixed in a bent position. Actually, your finger might straighten or bend with instant as similar as a trigger being hauled and released. Hence, this trigger finger is also called as stenosing tenosynovitis. Usually, the joints exaggerated by rheumatoid arthritis can feel unbending. For instance, if your hands are affected, you can’t bend finger all the way down or create a bunch.

can't bend finger all the way down

Typically, if there is no deformity, the person will feel a sharp pain at an injury site. Also, you might not be sure that the finger is broken and also attempt to bend it. If it is broken, it will be painful. If you can move the finger, you do not be fooled. The fingers always have a greater risk of injury of the entire parts of a hand. You can even harm your finger while working with a tool such as a saw or a hammer. Your finger can even break when the quick-moving objects hit your hand. Also, smashing your hand in the door and place your hands out to break a fall can also cause you to break your finger. Another problem that can lead to finger hurts to bend but not swollen is osteoarthritis.

Naturally, this kind of arthritis happens based on your body ages. What occurs is really the movement of a finger joint, which causes tendons in these joints to wear out more time. The fingers are usually designed to do several forms of movement. They always permit you to build the delicate strokes, but these structures also enable you to open the doors as well as lift heavy objects. If you are feeling pain while bending your fingers, it can make performing the entire tasks very tougher, but you may not essentially notice swelling in your finger. People who are experiencing these symptoms can have a few problems such as osteoarthritis or fracture.

What is it called when you can’t bend your finger?

The trigger finger happens; because of inflammation of tendons that flex your fingers and cause pain and tenderness on fingers. This condition also controls the movement of your fingers and sometimes makes it complex that can’t bend fingers all the way down and straighten your finger. Whenever you can’t move fingers, this is called a mallet finger and always requires intercession. In order to accomplish the best possible results on this condition, it might be essential to operate on your finger. One of the best exercises to avoid hand stiffness is starting by bending your fingers back up and down. After finishing many replications of finger bends, you can slowly make a bunch with your hand and then hold for 10 seconds.

Who is at the risk for broken finger?

The individuals with weak bones such as those with a calcium deficiency or elder adults, then it might be an increased risk of fracture. People who often work with their hands such as manual labors and athletes; then their finger hurts to bend but not swollen and also have an improved risk of broken fingers. The sports that maximize the risk for broken fingers are including:

  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding

Also, the high impact events such as automobile accidents can also cause broken fingers.

Discover the symptoms of a broken finger

The symptoms of broken finger are including the following:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Controlled range of motion
  • Tenderness

Also, your finger might seem out of alignment or misshapen. The broken fingers might be more painful, particularly when you attempt to move them. In some periods, the discomfort is very tolerable and dull. Also, the absence of severe pain does not even mean that the fracture does not need any medical attention.

How can’t bend finger all the way down and treated?

can't bend finger all the way down

If can’t bend fingers all the way down, then the diagnosis of finger starts with your doctor who is taking your medical history and also performing a physical examination. Normally, the x-rays of finger will indicate whether your finger is fractured or not. However, the treatment for a broken finger is actually based on the place of a fracture. But, it is stable. Sticking a fractured finger to a nearby undamaged finger might also treat a steady fracture. The unstable fractures need immobilization. After your doctor line up the fracture or decreases it, they can apply a strap. If your fracture is displaced or unstable, your doctor might require doing surgery. Even the surgery can stabilize the fracture, when you have:

  • A joint injury
  • Various fractures
  • A joint injury
  • An impaction fracture
  • Loose bone fragments
  • Displaced, unstable or open fractures
  • Damage to the tendons or ligaments

The hand surgeon or orthopedic surgeon will always decide the best treatment procedure for a complicated fracture. The wires, screws, and pins are very useful in the surgical methods for broken fingers. The proper examination, treatment, and rehabilitation of broken fingers can also support to preserve the function of hand as well as strength and avoid malformations. The recovery time for a broken finger might be as short as a few weeks or up to a year based on various elements.


Whenever you can’t bend fingers all the way down, the doctor will typically examine with the physical exam and also ask some simple queries on your medical history. They look for a bent finger and might also watch you by closing and opening your hand. Then, they give you a specific diagnosis and treatment options available to you. People whose work needs monotonous fascinating actions are at greater risk of creating a trigger finger. If the trigger finger is extreme, your finger might become locked in a bent position. But, the treatment of bend fingers may differ based on the severity.

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